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    Overheard on the Web, and other Web links
    From The Herald's Research Editor

    Tuesday, May 31, 2005

    Who cares? 

    With the Deep Throat news, there will certainly be lots of reaction from those under 40 -- or maybe under 50 -- like this comment, from the Point Five blog:
      "So armies of aging lefties throughout America are rising from their Laz-Y-Boy recliners to fetch their walkers and dial their friends on oversized-button phones to spread the word."

    (Added later:) On this note, the Post's Joel Achenbach also rounds up a lot of the writing on 'Throat' and Felt, and says there's no particular reason this was a big deal:
      "We made a huge fetish about Deep Throat for one reason: We didn't know his name. The most interesting thing about him was his anonymity, and Woodward/Bernstein/Bradlee's adherence to their long-ago promise. Everyone loves a mystery.
      ...the solution to the riddle is not complicated but head-smackingly simple: Woodward had a highly placed law enforcement source who had all the FBI investigative material handed to him every day. Source helps reporter. Reporter writes stories. Complications ensue.
      ...If Mark Felt really is Deep Throat, all we can say is: Oh. Him. Um, now what do we do?
      I still think it was Nixon himself. "

    I worked at the Post during Watergate, and whenever I tell anyone that or anyone mentions it, the first question ALWAYS is: "Do you know who Deep Throat is?" I always wanted to say 'Who Cares?' too. I mean, really. What did it matter?
    Right now it matters a lot to Mark Felt's family, because they wanted this to come out. They thought their father and grandfather was a hero who needed to get his due before he dies. There's a photo on the Post's story of Felt at his front door today greeting reporters with his daughter Joan. They are positively beaming, especially her. This is for them.

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